The art of using Islamic magic and spellcasting for protection is one of the oldest and most widely practiced in the whole world. Living in a world that is full of so much evil, Negative Forces, Bad Energies, Jealousy, Black magic, etc is very unsafe and that is why it’s important to have this Islamic spiritual protection hence this Islamic Protection Spell will protect with everything.


My Islamic protection spells are for people who suffer from a general feeling of falling into harm. This spell will protect you against all forms of harm. It protects against harm from other human beings, from animals, from spirits and even harms from demons. It has a ninety layer protection shield that means it can protect you from all forms of physical and spiritual attacks and will protect your mind, body, and soul from all forms of evil and harm, enabling you to lead a worry-free life.

Love Protection Spells

Protect your relationship from breakups, cheating, love curses, relationship problems, love hexes & outside interference using relationship protection spells. Shield your marriage from love rivals & in-laws using love protection spells to make your love stronger. Marriage protection spells to banish negative energy from your marriage.

Bind the heart of your lover & make sure they never cheat on you using love protection spells, binding love spells & fall in love spells. Protect your loved ones & family using spiritual protection spells. Banish an ex-lover or a love rival with protection spells.

Islamic Business Protection Spell

Before you open your business to the public, use this Islamic business protection spell to ensure that you will enjoy all the success and prosperity that you deserve. If you have already opened your business to the public, you can cast it even after you have been in business for many years.

Use the business protection spell is you want to be a successful business person, and want prosperity and financial success for you and your family. Use this spell to ensure that you get respect in the business world that only comes from running a successful business. Your family and those around you will benefit from your use of this spell, as they all benefit from your prosperity and respect.

Islamic Pregnancy Protection Spell

If you are pregnant and do not want to lose a child your first step is to make sure that you are medically healthy. Keep all of your appointments and do not do any activities that may threaten the well-being of the child. There is no force more protective than a mother’s natural love for a child.  This spell is symbolic of the protection and for the love you feel for the child.

Use a crocheted square of fabric made out of yarn you are not allergic to. It may be pink for a girl, blue for a boy, yellow for neither or white.

Child Birth Protection Spell

The purpose of this spell is to cleanse a room before childbirth occurs, to keep out any negative or unwanted influences, and to help bring about an easy and speedy delivery. It must be prepared well in advance of the predicted due date. This spell involves making a ritual broom, which will then be used to sweep negative energies out of the birthing room.

Islamic Evil Eye Protection Spell

This spell will help in the protection against the “evil eye”.  The evil eye is said to be a negative force that causes harm to an individual. Sometimes the evil eye is given unconsciously by others – perhaps from feelings of envy, jealousy or resentment that they feel towards you. Whatever the source is, this spell will provide protection against the evil eye. Before performing the evil eye spell, know that it is not helpful to focus too much on dark forces or negative energies harming you.

While it is good for every witch to practice daily protection techniques (this could be as simple as visualizing white light or carrying a protective crystal or orgonite), it is important to not “feed” the negative energies with your attention. If you pay too much attention to them, especially with thoughts that are tinged with fear, anger, hatred, or other strong emotions, it provides a “hook” that they can latch onto. So, perform your protective rituals and go about your life, cultivating as many good emotions as you can every day, and resting in the knowledge that you are safe and protected.

Islamic Home Protection Spell

The home protection spell is used as a shield of protection from animals, demons, human beings, spirits or anything that could harm you. It works for the house and the apartments and protects the living space from negative energy, evil and spiritual matter. When you are staying in your apartment or house, there are various maladies that can befall it. There are times, when anyone’s house can be broken into or when something can catch fire. This spell protects from the break-ins, natural disasters, flood, fire, and other misfortunes and offers a blanket of protection from such and similar misfortunes. When using this home protection spell one can sit down and rest knowing that now there is nothing to be worried about.